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2501 Hwy 190 E. Service Rd Covington, LA

2501 Hwy 190 E. Service Rd Covington, LA

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OverEZ Chicken Coops • Coop Accessories • Chicken Runs

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Built by Amish and Amish Trained Craftsmen

Standard Features of

Over EZ Chicken Coops


  • Sits off the ground
  • Easy Assembly: All panels and trim are painted and assembled, and all hardware, doors, and windows are installed. Nesting boxes are assembled and metal is installed on the roof panel.
  • Only need a screw gun for assembly
  • Designed for moisture resistance
  • Roof profile is designed for rainwater run-off
  • Designed to be used in both hot AND cold climates

Over EZ Chicken Coops

Small Chicken Coop – 5 Chickens

Medium Chicken Coop – 10 Chickens

Large Chicken Coop – 15 Chickens

XLarge Chicken Coop – 20 Chickens

Jumbo Chicken Coop – 30 Chickens

Coop in a Box – 5 Chickens

Chicken Coop Accessories


  • Chicken Coop Ventilation Door
  • Automatic Chicken Coop Door
  • Chicken Coop Electrical Heat Package
  • Chicken Coop Wheels
  • S,M,L,XL Chicken Coop Panels
  • Coop Care Products
  • Chicken Feeders
  • Chicken Waterers

Over EZ Chicken Runs

8ft Chicken Run

16ft Chicken Run

8ft Walk-In Chicken Run

15ft Walk-In Chicken Run

8ft Chicken Run Tarp

8ft Walk-In Chicken Run Tarp

Contact us for Chicken Coop Info

We carry numerous size chicken coops, and chicken runs, and have all of the accessories you need to set up your own chicken coop. Call us at (985) 893-3450, to get started!

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